Swiss Wild Boar

Last Sunday a friend of mine gave me some fresh liver from a Wild Boar his brother-in-law had shot the evening before, we love eating liver especially from wild animals as they live such healthy lives – After I had thanked my friend for the wonderful liver I asked him what was happening to the rest of the Wild Boar? He gave me his brother-in-law’s phone number so that I could ask him!

Last night the whole Wild Boar which weighed 58kgs after it was gutted was delivered, it had been shot about 3kms away from where we live, so we had nothing to worry about with food miles! It took two of us to carry it down to the cellar ready for it to be butchered. It was the biggest animal that I have ever butchered and it took me about four hours. After I had finished I weighed the meat and was left with just over 30kgs which is not bad because I paid 400 CHF for the whole animal….do the math!

As you can see from the last photo we have many cuts. I will mince the off cuts which will make a great ragù sauce for some pasta and make some burgers for the BBQ! The shoulders & legs will be frozen and used for the coming Xmas & New Year lunches & dinners – Fillets, loin & ribs we will eat now fresh, I even have two wonderful cheeks to cook! You can’t beat this kind of locally sourced food that’s for sure & I thank my Dad for showing me how to butcher all those years ago back home in New Zealand……..even if it was just the humble introduced rabbit! (Click on a photo to start slideshow)

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