Wood Warms Twice

Well, mine does, that’s for sure. We need firewood for our Ironheart which is a fantastic British made machine (its origins date back to Florence Nightingale, which will be the subject of another post).

We use our Ironheart to cook & warm our home. It consumes about 4 to 5 cubic meters of firewood a year and keeps our electric bill to a minimum. I have a couple of contacts that own forest close by where we live. Early this year we had strong winds in these forests, so nature took care of the fun but dangerous part of working in a forest: felling. All I have to do is clean and split the wood – that’s what I call working with nature. It also makes for a good day out with the whole family.

In the last couple of days the temperatures outside have been more than minus 10, which makes the ground in the forest perfect for working on. Even with these temperatures it’s hot work!

It’s a win win situation for me, my family & the environment. (Click on photos to make larger)

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