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Business lunches in Switzerland are a way of experiencing Gault & Millau & Michelin starred food at a reasonable price – but is this really the case? This month I have eaten at three such places, and here are my impressions & interpretations of these places I have visited & the guides that they are in.

1: Pearl in Winterthur

Denis Ast has 16 points in the Gault & Millau & 2  Spoons & Forks (Besteck) in the Michelin Guide. I found his 3 course menu for 49CHF to be innovative & well worth it – if only to be a little out of season (cucumber with the scallops). He also served an Amuse Bouche (Mouth Amuser) which is effectively 1 more course.

2: Sternen – Badstube in Wangen

Matthias Brunner has 1 Michelin Star & 15 Gault & Millau points, he is a newcomer to the M Men, but I think he deserves more points in the GM guide –  just like Denis deserves a star in the M Guide. His 49CHF 3 course menu with a Foie Gras Amuse Bouche is great value for the money, in fact it was outstanding, seasonal & regional. The only thing he has to catch up on is the front of house service (It was a bitzeli cold in the beginning)

3: Sein in Zürich

Martin Surbeck has 17 Gault & Millau points & 1 Michelin Star. This guy perhaps has the most to prove. I couldn’t fault his seasonal menu. I loved the pasta & the beef. His service was comme çi comme ça. The price? 79CHF for 3 courses without an Amuser? – That’s too much even for Zürich RICH people!

My advice………..Go country!

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