Switzerland not Sweden

My wife Karin who is Swiss spent a lot of time studying and travelling in the USA. She met an awful lot of “folks” who didn’t know the difference between Switzerland & Sweden or  they even thought they were the same countries. However, these countries couldn’t be further apart – which brings me to the reason for this post.

Today we went and cut our own Xmas tree down. You don’t have to be a lumberjack to do this, but just for the record, I have a Swiss license to be a lumberjack, no bullshit! Fällanden Council near Zürich Zoo have a piece of forest dedicated to growing Xmas trees. The main reason for this is the high voltage electric wires that cut through the forest which makes it a perfect place to grow short trees. Not only does this make for a great day out with the kids, but you also know exactly where your Xmas tree comes from. So many Xmas trees imported to Switzerland come from Scandinavia, because they don’t shed their needles & look more symmetrical etc. – it’s like Switzerland importing chocolate – why? Local is always best.

Our 180cm Red Pine cost 26CHF – which is a good value price. You can also buy Bratwurst & Mulled Wine etc. This event in Fällanden is always held on the Saturday before the 24th December…..see you there in 2012! (Click on photos to make larger & yes, those are real candles on the tree, just in case we have a power cut)

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