Hans & Brigitte Wiesendanger are the largest wine producers in Ossingen which is a village situated in the heart of Zürich Wine Land. Hans and Brigitte have converted two old water tanks which used to be part of Ossingen’s water supply into rooms where they can host events (how is that for recycling!). Last week was “Treberwurst-Woche”: You can taste & buy their wine and also have a meal of Treberwurst. Translated Treberwurst means Marc or Pomace Sausage, and that’s what the sausage is cooked in (the remains of the grape pulp that was used to make grappa etc). The still is a wood fired one, the sausage is a Schüblig and was served with bread or leek and potatoes. The sausage is flambéed at the table with the local grappa. It was a great family evening to celebrate simple local food, wine and grappa. (Click on photo’s to make larger)

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